Secrets of Eden – Chris Bohjalian

12 Jun

“Understanding is a three edged sword. Your side, their side, and the truth” – Kosh Naranek .

I couldn’t get that quote out of my head after finishing this novel. Bohjalian’s use of the first person narratives of four different characters impacted by the tragic events of this novel was essential. Each voice reveals a bit more of what the reader will come to understand as “the truth.”

Like many of Bohjalians novels, Secrets of Eden takes place in small-town Vermont. Another social context would not have worked so well for this story. The culture of a small town is the perfect place to tell a story of a battered woman whose friends and neighbors know quite well what is going on but do essentially nothing to stop it. It is a lot harder to have secrets in a small town, and the ones you do manage to keep will almost certainly be observed and misconstrued, resulting in rumors and susposcions. This is exactly what happened to the Reverend in the aftermath of the Haywards death. By being evasive about his involvment in not only the death of Alice Hayward, but also her life, Drew incriminates himself in the minds of his former parishoners and the investigators

Overall, a masterfully crafted plot


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      Absolutely! Thank you!

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