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Infinite Days – Rebecca Maizel

3 Jul

Just when I think everything that can be done with vampires has been done, some brilliant author comes along and re-invents them again.
There are plenty of problems with it. One huge, glaring plot hole that’s been nagging me in the hours since I finished it, for one. Also, it became very repetitive and cliché in some later chapters. This is completely forgivable. The sheer originality of the story masks enough of its flaws.
There are a ton of what I like to call “franchise spin-offs” out there, but this really could be the next big thing in vampire literature.

This book will be for sale in August.


The Postmistress – Sarah Blake

3 Jul

I waited for over two months on the reserve list to get this book from the library. Finally, it was ready for me. By then, I was squirming to read it. Imagine my surprise when I found a pristine copy of it on the $1.00 Donated Books shelf. I immediately cancelled my reserve, giddy at the prospect of owning it. You see, I was convinced I would love this book dearly.

I was wrong.

I had a difficult time keeping the characters’ names straight. By half was through the book I had them all down, but it was too late. I didn’t give a damn about any of them.

What’s with the narrator (lack thereof…)? Third person, yes. Omniscient? Sometimes. But the point of view switches mid-paragraph. Yeesh.

I’m so baffled at the title. The book is not about a Postmistress, unless the author is referring to Frankie Bard herself never delivering a last letter. And really, her actions change nothing.

Nothing happens. Or rather, nothing that matters happens. The reader gets a brief glimpse at the wartime refugees on the trains, but the main characters involved just kind of float around in the book until eventually it needs an ending of some sort, so here ya go.

I forced myself to finish it, and then took it right back to the shelf where I found it.