About my Addiction

I don’t personally know anybody who reads the way I do. My husband would rather have a root canal than read fiction, and my friends are more casual Nicholas Sparks type readers. There’s nothing wrong with Nicholas Sparks, by the way. I just need a place to get out my thoughts and opinions about the things I read, the authors I love, the things I want to read, or just reading in general.

 I’ll never be a book critic. If can finish a book in less than four days it’s because it was interesting enough to keep me turning the pages, and I’d most likely rate it five stars.

I’ll never be a writing snob. You can fill a story with prose or suffer the bane of bad grammar, but if you can tell me a story I care about that will be ignored in earnest. (Hence, Twilight)

I’ll never be a writer. I’m afraid I’m much too introspective. To write fiction, I believe, one must not only know themselves but also be a keen observer of others. I live almost exclusively in my own head. I fear any character would noticably resemble myself, and no one would ever line up to read my memoirs.

I love Stephen King. His was the first fiction I ever read, and I’ll buy everything he publishes for the rest of my life. But horror is not the only genre I love. In fact, I don’t have a favorite genre. Like most people, I like books that make me think, but I favor those that make me feel.


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